Inter Technologies Corporation (ITC) provides expert audio-visual integration services nationwide with strategic support centers in the District of Columbia, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.  Our adaptable structure enables us to complete and provide follow-on support for large-scale installations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Inter Technologies was founded in 2000 by four brothers and continues to be a family-owned corporation.  Our exponential growth and success is the direct result of our longstanding dedication to our clients.  ITC approaches each project with a combination of transparency, repeatable results-driven methodology, and hard work.  We designed our corporate structure, processes, and culture to ensure direct contact with our clients.  As a result, we consistently meet and exceed project requirements on time and within budget.

At Inter Technologies we are experts at seamless audiovisual integration. We design and complete thousands of AV installations each year.  Our projects range from class and conference rooms to large capacity theaters, stadiums, and outdoor venues.  We provide the full gamut of audio-visual services from seamless upgrades of existing systems to new construction design and build.

The ITC team takes ownership of the entire audiovisual project lifecycle.  All programming, engineering, design, and installation services are performed in-house by our own engineers, certified programmers, designers, architects, and technicians. Our efficient hands-on approach reduces project time and costs while providing our clients with peace of mind.  We provide our clients with the same reliable point of contact throughout the project.  From start to finish, our team is present and responsive.

Inter Technologies appreciates and values the uniqueness of each project and each client.  We recognize that no single solution is effective in every situation.  Our depth of experience providing AV services across industries makes us uniquely qualified to provide business solutions to our clients.  We welcome the opportunity to facilitate your business with high-quality audiovisual solutions.  ITC’s satisfied clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Universities and Secondary Schools, Medical, Law, and Business Schools, Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, the United States Military, Federal Agencies and Defense Contractors, State and Local Governments, Correctional Facilities and Police Stations, Firehouses and Emergency Responders, Museums, and Performance Venues.

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