Inter Technologies Corporation (ITC) was founded in 2000 as a women-owned corporation. Since then ITC has grown at an exponential rate. ITC’s phenomenal sales growth is a result of the dedication we provide to our clients. Customer needs vary and ITC recognizes that no single solution will work for every situation. ITC is dedicated to providing dynamic solutions that meet or exceed each customer’s requirements while staying within budget. ITC’s experience in servicing a wide variety of sectors and institutions enables us to create unique and specialized solutions for each clients. Our corporate structure and culture are designed to provide direct and efficient contact between ITC and its clients.

ITC has offices in Nashville, Tennessee; Statesboro, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; South Bend, Indiana; Washington, DC; Hampton, Virginia; Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. All ITC offices maintain a full-time support staff. With twenty-five full-time technicians and twenty-five part-time technicians on call, service and attention are always available. During large capital projects, ITC has flexibility to move technicians from one office to another to ensure timely completion of all jobs without costly overhead. ITC’s robust and adaptable structure enables ITC to complete multi-million dollar installations across the country while meeting local support requirements.

Each of our technicians also has at least two years experience in the audio-visual integration field. ITC believes in continuing education for employees at all levels. This includes Crestron programming, Polycom certifications, Extron certifications, industry certifications (syn-aud-con, CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D, BICSI), IEEE, LEED and others. ITC does not outsource any aspect of the audio-visual installation. All programming, engineering, installation and drawings are done in house by our own engineers, certified programmers, designers, and integration personnel. Our experienced staff allows us to complete our audio-visual installations correctly the first time. This reduces total cost of the project and enables us to pass the savings on to our clients.

ITC has installed and designed thousands of rooms for colleges, universities and governmental entities. These range from simple conference rooms to half-million dollar theaters to stadiums to outdoor systems. ITC focuses on building standardized Crestron-controlled systems, and is able to roll out hundreds of classrooms for institutions during tight time constraints.

Inter Technologies Corporation offers a unique and personal approach tailored to your company’s audio/visual and communication needs. From start to finish, Inter Technologies is present and responsive. Unlike the majority of our competitors, all programming, engineering, installation and drawings are done in house by our own  engineers, certified programmers, designers, architects and integration personnel. We do not outsource work – you will have the same, reliable contact throughout. This system is ultimately designed to reduce completion time and costs for you, our customer.